Please call ( 09644/6890404) ahead for any medication refills or food orders. When you arrive, wait in your vehicle and call us. We will call you when your items are ready and we can check you out without other clients present.

Dear Clients,

Effective immediately, we are taking extra precautions due to Covid-19 to protect both out clients and our staff. Caring for your pets is important to us, and we want to remain able to do so and care for our community.

We will no longer have clients wait in our waiting room to be seen.

If you are well and not under quarantine:

Call ahead to make an appointment. When you arrive, stay in the car and call us to let us know you’ve arrived. When our staff is ready for you, we will call you and immediately take you to an exam room. We request only one family member attend if at all possible, and you assist us in maintaining distance from our staff. Please use the sink in the exam room to wash your hands when you enter. If you have arrived during our regular walk-in hours without arranging a prior appointment, return to your car and call us, we will see you.

If you are under quarantine or have any symptoms of illness:

Serious emergencies only. Please call in advance so we can determine if a visit is necessary and arrange an appointment when no other clients are present. When you arrive, wait in your car and call us. When we are ready for your pet, we will call you and ask you to place the pet inside our entry using only the exterior doors. We will retrieve your pet from the interior doors, and our vets will communicate via phone as they examine and treat your animal. We will of course disinfect thoroughly if such visits become necessary.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. We’re in this together.

Nina Küke

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